About Us

Hi there! We are the Team of chapchop!
The Idea of Chapchop came up when one of us was writing a story with a friend on facebook: Everyday one of them had to write a new chapter for the story.We thought: Why not taking this to a new level and developing a website where you can do that but not just with one of your friends but with people from all over the world? And this is it! After about two weeks of development we now release a first version of the website.We would love to hear from you: send us a mail!
Our adress:
Samuel Teuber
c/o chapchop.net
Kaiserstrasse 46
80801 Munich

Samuel Teuber - Co-Founder und Website Entwickler

Hi, my name is Samuel Teuber and I developed this page.
I am living in Munich, where I am still attending school.
I really love the creativity of this idea and i am very pleased to be able to work on this project.

Arndt Schwenkschuster - Co-Founder and Developer

Hi there, I´m Arndt and I am a Co-Founder of Chapchop.
I got the idea of this story-sharing website during a smalltalk with Ole.
I think Chapchop is a good way to be creative and social.

Ole Aurich - Co-Founder and Feature Manager

Hi, I´m Ole,
with a Friend of mine I did something like Chapchop over Facebook, what inspired us to create a Website, with the same idea.

Philipp Enzmann - Marketing and Design