Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy

  • Availability and Stability of the Website:
    By using this website you accept that this is still an in-development version of the finished website, because of this we can`t promise you to have the same stability, availability, bug-freeness and performance that you know from other finished websites.<
  • Deleting stories or chapters:
    Please notice that it is impossible to delete an existing chapter or story. Every chapter is based on the before one so it is not possible to delete a chapter as this would destroy the story.
  • Contents of the Website:
    The creator of this Website isn`t responsible for its contents as the contents are created by users.
    If you want to complain about a specific content please use the report button and we will look into it.
    In no case the Website owner can be made responsible for the contents a user posted. Aswell he isn`t responsible for the content of links a user might submit to the website.
  • Submitting of contents:
    This Website is meant to be a place to have fun with friends and other people by writing stories together.
    On this Website there is no space for haters, bullies or other people that post inappropriate content.
    If there are people that post this kind of content they will be banned from this side.
    The following contents are strictly forbidden:
    • Cyberbullying contents
    • Pornographic contents
    • Racist contents
    • Degrading contents
    • roughly violent contents
    • any other type of content that is not appropriate for people underage
    Always remember that the internet is a place for people all ages and that you are not anonymous even if it seems so - there are logs with your IP Address.
  • Used Cookies and Logs: This website currently uses three cookies.
    The one is called PHPSESSID and is used only while one website visit.
    The second one is called chapchop_id and expires after 90 days if you don´t visit the page again.
    The third one is called lang and used to store the selected language of the user. It is used to check if someone viewed the specific page before his is important to calculate the ranking of the stories.
    Furthermore we save logs with your IP
  • Data we save: In our database we save the following information about you:
    • Your name
    • Your E-Mail
    • What pages you visited
    • Your likes or dislikes
    • What posts you reported
    • Logs with all your activities
  • Furthermore we are using services from AddThis, Facebook , Google and Uservoice (feedback) who might also set cookies, save information according to their privacy policies.
  • In case any of the above mentioned rules are not legally effective all the others are still legal.